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Regulations, legal obligations and increasing bureaucracy have a remarkable daily impact on all business activities.

Consumers’ expectations and the value of a company’s image do not allow for distraction in terms of compliance with the law, especially as the enforcement system – based on penalties applied as a percentage of turnover – leaves a business with no reasonable margin for hesitation.

Compliance may be an ethical value of the entrepreneur or it may be just another bureaucratic fulfilment; in any case it represents a distinct competitive factor for modern companies in today’s global environment where everything appears and spreads in real time.

Neglecting these risks and opportunities is a dangerous gamble.  Managing them internally can prove complicated and uneconomical for a company. Outsourcing them, by relying on the right skills and efficient methods, is a common-sense choice; it is the choice of smart compliance.

– Est modus in rebus

About us

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&trust is an innovative training, assistance, auditing and communications service to outsource and simplify the management of corporate compliance, particularly with regard to competition (antitrust) and data protection issues.

The logic of the service is ‘pay per use’, i.e. our clients only pay for the content they decide to use and only when they need it.  It is a significant opportunity for the concerned customer in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

The distinctive added value of &trust lies in the particularly business-oriented nature of its services, which are the result of thirty years’ experience in the direct management of compliance & communication risks in complex organisational structures in highly regulated sectors, such as pharmaceutical & healthcare, diagnostics, distribution and automotive.

– Facta non verba

Services and solutions


Compliance risk management

  • Competition and antitrust: risk and impact assessments of business processes and initiatives such as business development, licensing and collaboration agreements between companies, co-marketing and co-promotion initiatives, new distribution models (e.g. online trading platforms, transfer orders on the channel, etc.) and  more
  • Data Privacy: risk and impact assessments of business processes and initiatives such as marketing campaigns towards the end customer, development projects with key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals, market researches, Clinical Studies, websites, social and internet campaigns, etc.
  • Impact assessments for the use of Artificial Intelligence systems (FRIA)
  • Creation of risk maps and gap analyses of corporate compliance to get a 360° view of risks across your business & operations and better manage remediation actions
  • Monitoring and control of risks and risk indicators (KPIs and KRIs)
  • Management and review of compliance-related business reports
  • Support in ESG assessments and projects

Dedicated help desk

  • Help Desk services for the benefit of Company management and staff to provide real-time review and validation of presentations, communications, business initiatives and projects
  • Contract review and third party risk screening; management of vendor risks

Training and dissemination

  • Design and deliver business-oriented training and e-training courses for company staff, both basic/introductory and special/advanced business-specific training modules on the main corporate compliance issues: data privacy and data security, antitrust and consumer protection, anti-corruption, and corporate communications, ESG issues
  • Alerts and regular feeds on news or revised laws, regulations, bulletins and directives for your Industry, interpreted in plain language to anticipate and respond rapidly to changes
  • Managerial Orientation Module (3 to 6 hours) for executives, professionals, lawyers and consultants who aspire to relate more successfully to the business world, especially from the perspective of client companies and their own professional development. The training is delivered face-to-face and alternates between the illustration of concrete experiences of corporate life, and the realisation of workshops, case studies and role-plays with the participants

Corporate procedures, models, policies and guidelines

  • Design, update and enforce compliance plans and organisation models
  • Design, update and enforce SOPs, manuals and practical instructions for personnel

Audits, internal monitoring and other controls

  • Planning and roll-out of audits and compliance controls, internal and/or on customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Support compliance audits with links to incident resolution and preventative measures, including audits performed by third parties at your premises

Corporate communications and crisis management

  • Management of external and internal communications: press releases, house organs and newsletters
  • Review and streamline of communications to keep important stakeholders informed
  • Contingency plans and incident management, inclusive of response and report

Public Affairs and P.R.

  • Management and development of institutional relations with regulatory and governmental authorities, and business and trade associations in Italy and abroad
  • Management and development of external relations and development of corporate image
  • Participation in negotiations and meetings with third parties as compliance advisor

Compliance made easy: our Solutions for GDPR and the AI Act

  • Creation, management and update of records of data processing activities, as required by law – EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR – art. 30)
  • Prevention, management and remediation of “data breach” incidents – EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR – art. 33)
  • Management of mandatory notifications to the supervisory authorities – EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR – art. 33)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments / DPIAs – EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR – Art. 35)
  • Fundamental Rights Impact Assessments / FRIA – European AI Act – Try AI Squire®
  • Preparation of privacy notices, appointment deeds and instruction documents, privacy policies for companies and websites
  • Support and validation of extra EU data transfers, including country risk assessment

– Ars et Labor

Value proposition

Organisations need to achieve fluid, dynamic structures that are capable of responding well to change. There will be variance between different industries but largely the aim is the same – to have an organizational structure that serves the business rather than holds it back.

&trust offers personalised, organized, flexible compliance solutions for corporate business, acting in an operational partnership with the client.

&trust communicates in business-friendly language where timing, costs and deliverables are always in line with the requirements of terminological clarity, concreteness and responsiveness of the business.

Data privacy, antitrust and consumer protection, communication, training, organisation and internal audits: thanks to the in-depth direct knowledge of the main constraints of the business context, our services allow corporate projects and activities to be carried out safely, keeping costs and compliance risks under control, minimizing exposure to litigation and possible damage to the company’s image while improving the overall compliance posture.

Eventually, this will have an impact on the bottom line. Externalisation may not be the most marketable achievement but as the organization starts to think smarter, become more effective and save more, this will be another example of compliance creating a competitive edge for the organization.

– Vis unita fortior

ESG Profile

Work is the subject and the foundation of the productive economy, as well as the completion and expression of the human personality. We believe in fair, efficient and respectful entrepreneurship and in its social function.

  • Environmental

Our structure is agile and flexible, with virtually no environmental impact. We have adopted and concretely implemented a differentiated waste collection system by recycling and reducing paper consumption.  We also believe in energy saving through our policy of utilizing public transport for responsible mobility and reducing environmental impact.

  • Social

We participate in various initiatives to support and donate to non-profit and charitable organisations in the social, environmental, home care and food sectors. We do not pursue profit as our goal, but growth as an opportunity for reinvestment and shared customer satisfaction.

  • Governance

When selecting employees and collaborators, we pursue criteria based exclusively on meritocracy and transparency. Company culture is one of encouraging an appreciation for those possessing a proud sense of self-expression. In choosing our suppliers, we are committed to giving priority to the offerings available in the territory.  We prefer local procurement, especially from facilities that are physically present. In accordance with the relevant regulations and best practices, we protect the confidentiality and security of any information and/or personal data in our possession relating to customers and third parties. Our origins give us a self-deprecating sense of humour; yet we are unashamedly focused on making the customer 100% satisfied.

– Essentia vitae

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